HD Pan & Tilt Sewer Inspection Camera FLX-P1213REKC

HD Pan & Tilt Sewer Inspection Camera

HD Pan & Tilt Sewer Inspection Camera FLX-P1213REKC




1. The push pan and tilt camera is suitable for Diameter of 100-600mm sewer pipes.

2. The push pan and tilt camera is a great tool for the inspection of sewer pipes, vessels, tanks. 

3. 360 degree rotation camera head, Pan 360°, Tilt 180°; 1/3 CMOS,1.3MP camera head;                                     

4. Manual focus function                                                                       

5. Image magnification and reduction function                              

6. 13 inch IPS LCD screen, 1280*720 resolution/1920X1080 resolution    7. DVR control box with audio ,video recording and photography function  8. 60m* Dia.9mm(standard)/11mm(option) fiberglass copper axis cable , it can make good camera image for long cable .

9. USB bluetooth keyboard to typewrite the words

10. Built in 8800mA li-ion battery inside ,support uint working more than 5 hours                                                                                                11. Digital meter counter function, error is less than 1%  


Pan & Tilt Camera Head   

* Camera size Ø50mm x 154mm, sensor 1/3" CMOS ,1.3MP pixel, 720P    

* Manual focus function, minimum distance is about 30mm                 

* Waterproof IP68, up to 10 bars

* View range 120°

* Rotation: Pan 360°, Tilt 180°

* lens position automatic reset

* 6pcs high LED lighting adjustable

* Lens window sapphire glass



The Control Box

*13" HD IPS LCD Screen, 1280X720 resolution                   

* PT camera Joysticks for rotation and focusfunctions

* HD DVR SYSTEM with recording 720P video, auido and photography function

* USB bluetooth Keyboard for real time typewriting 

* Video input jack, available for connecting big and small camera heads

* Digital meter counter function, displayed on the screen

* 8800mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

* Battery level indicator                                                                                                           * * 16X Image magnification  



The Cable Reel

Cable size:


Wire material: fiberglass rod

Fiberglass length:60m/120m(standard), 50m to 150m optional

Fiberglass diameter: ø9mm(standard) / ø11mm (option)

Fiberglass color: yellow

Cable wheel material: Stainless steel

Digital distance counter: meter/foot optional, error is less than 1%, it shows the cable length which you push into pipe on the screen

Wheels: two wheels under the cable reel, and the cable reel can be moved easily


For 50mm PTZ camera head:   

3 optional diameters:

Dia.220mm/ Dia.155mm/ Dia.85mm

Power supply 

DC12V / 12V 8800mah Lithium Battery

The others parts 

charger, connect cable, operating manual


TV vamzdynų diagnostikos sistemos


Kamerás kútvizsgálat kútkamera


Inspectia video cu circuit inchis

Camera inspectie riolering

αποχετευτικών διχτυων με κάμερα

Rörinspektion med kamera svängkamera

İttirmeli Tip P/T Kamera

kloak-kamera til rør-inspektion

Rohr- und Kanalreinigung-TV-Kamerauntersuchung

Kanal, Rohr, Kanalinspektion, Kanalkamera

Farb-TV-System mit Schwenkkopfkamera

cámaras de televisión para inspección de canalizaciones

Inspección de tuberías con cámara tv y detección de fugas

Cámaras empujadas para inspección de tuberías

snimanje kolektora, snimanje kolektora kamerom, kamere za snimanje kanalizacije

Kamera za snimanje cevi

Pregled kanalizacijskih cevovodov s kamero

Videoispezioni di canali fognari

video ispezione di tubazioni e scarichi


Rörinspektion med videokamera 

Inspekcja TV kanalizacji kamerą wpychaną

Inspekcja TV kanalizacji - kamery




inspecção vídeo para tubagens

Телеинспекция канализационных систем

Проталкиваемые телеинспекционные системы

Inspection canalisation assainissement De canalisation par caméra

L'inspection télévisée canalisation par vidéo caméra



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