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200ft Dual View Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera FLX-D148RKC

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200ft Dual View Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera FLX-D148RKC



1. The push camera is suitable for Diameter of 50-400mm sewer pipes.

2. The Push Camera is a great tool for the inspection of vessels, tanks and pipe walls. 

3. It supports video & audio record, picture snap, meter / foot counting, text writing and waterproof IP 68.


These units feature a self leveling camera head which view and capture every detail of your inspection. The 45mm dual view camera head is with one 360 degree rotation side view camera and one front view camera, which is completely waterproof(IP68) and contains 6pcs rear & 6pcs front super bright adjustable LED lights to provide consistent illumination. The light intensity can be easily controlled to avoid flaring, and the 1/3 CMOS chip is protected by a thick scratch-proof sapphire glass.

The 8” color digital screen with control part with video (AVI) and image (PNG) capture of your inspections saved directly to an 32G USB flash disk. And the state-of-the-art 7000mah battery packs provide 6 hours of continuous operation. The equipment also support using the power directly. Included in the set is a specially designed centering bracket-skid, to ensure that the camera is placed directly in the center of the pipe. Optional cable lengths for the push rod cable range from 40 meters to 80 meters.  And meter/foot counter shows the cable length which you push into pipe on the screen, text writing also show on the screen and can be keep in the video when recording.  

Optional: The 512Hz sonde transmitter built-in the camera head for location, it can work with any receiver that can receive 512Hz.

45mm Dual View Camera Head

Camera size Φ45mm×107mm, 1/3 CMOS, 1.3MP pixel

Camera housing material: stainless steel

Camera lens material Sapphire;

Lens viewing angle Horizontal:101° Vertical:74.6° Diagonal:131°

Pan 360° rotate endless

Camera lighting 6 LED lamp beads for bottom camera, 6 LED lamp beads for side camera

LED light brightness adjustment Manual adjustment method

Camera waterproof grade IP68, 3 bars 

Camera working voltage DC 12V, working environment -10℃~60℃

Others Automatic white balance, internal synchronization; automatic gain control; automatic exposure control device (AE)




The Control Box with 8inch Screen

8"HD IPS LCD Screen, 16:9 display model, 1280X720 resolution, 

HD DVR SYSTEM with recording 720P video                             

DVR recording system with AVI video format

Waterproof LCD panel

USB wireless Keyboard

USB port to connect storage device ( Standard 32G USB flash disk)

Built-in 7000mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Battery level indicator                                                                                    

Monitor sunshade is included                                                                

Monitor size 23x20x5cm                                                                                

AC 110V-240V 2A power charger                                        

Charging time 7 hours, working time about 4 hours                                 

Control box can be fixed on the cable reel, or can be held by hand, or can be hung on the neck(optional) 


Cable Reel

Fiberglass push rod cable

Cable diameter 7mm

Cable length 60m

Reel size L51*W25*H64cm                  

Reel brake available

Updated digital meter counter,error rate less than 1%                                                                                            


Wheeled Skid Diameter: 180mm 

Small Skid Diameter: 85mm

The Carrying Bag 

Size: 32x22x25cm

Easy to carry

It can accommodate the following accessories:control box, wireless keyboard, test cable, connecting cable, charger, user manual


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