2-way WIFI / USB Articulating Borescope FLX-CW40

2-way WIFI / USB Articulating Borescope FLX-CW40



1. Portable design, easy to operate, 4200 maH replaceable rechargeable lithium battery, long working time, check the corrosion, crack, welding, foreign matter, wear and internal parts processing of various industrial pipelines or complex equipment in narrow space, and pass fine comprehensive detection;

2. In line with the ergonomic design concept, the appearance of atmosphere, the use of perfect feeling, one hand control;

3. Various specifications of cameras are optional;

4. It can rotate in two directions(2-way articulation) by mechanical control, with single side bending greater than 150 degrees(up to 180°), flexible control, labor-saving, high work efficiency and low failure rate compared with electric power steering;

5. USB / WiFi can be used to connect computer / mobile phone / iPad;


Product parameters


Insertion Tube Specifications

Insert tube diameter: Φ4.0mm

Pixel: 1,000,000 pixels

Visual Angle: 120degrees

depth of field:10-80mm

light source:LED light source (ring lamp)

Hard end:15mm

Length of inserted tube (Standard): 1.0m steel wire tube

2-way articulation:over 150°, up to 180°

Joystick control and orientation 

Two-way steering

Fixed position 

Fixed internal resistance


Guide angle 

One side > 90 °

Guide distance and length 

Standard 30cm or 1 meter


Axial control 

360° axial rotation

Insertion tube 

4-layer tungsten braided tube


System weight 

Complete equipment including chassis: 2.5 kg bare metal:<1kg

Host size 



power supply 

Lithium battery: 3.7V, 4200 maH

Structural material 

Plastic drop PC shell


LCD screen 



manual adjustment


Data I/O port 

USB2.0 port, WiFi wireless connection


Computer, cell phone storage


White balance 

Automatic white balance

White balance 

Automatic white balance


Image function 

Image mirroring, zooming, preview

language support 

Support 7 countries


Display and system configuration

Host system operating temperature 

-10°C~50°C, the LCD panel must be warmed below 0°C

Relative humidity 

90% max, no condensation

Video probe operating temperature 

-20 °C ~ 60 °C, below 0 °C should reduce the guide operation


Probe and objective lens can withstand IP67 waterproof

Storage temperature 






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