4 Ways Articulation Non Destructive Testing Borescopes for Remote Visual Inspection FLX-Dr4555F

4 ways 120 degrees rotating 
Electronic Controlling 
OEM/ODM Service 

4 Ways Articulation Non Destructive Testing Borescopes for Remote Visual Inspection FLX-Dr4555F

This camera can be used in machine inspection, wall inspection, auto maintains, 
engine inspection, plane repair, emergence rescue, army explore, pipe inspection, 
narrow space detection, air duct inspection and so on4 way articulating endoscope videoscope 


1. The endoscope camera is for the inspection of aircraft, turbines, welds, engines, motors and pipes..

2. 4 way articulation, each above 120degrees.

3. It supports video record, picture snap and waterproof IP 67.

These units feature a insertion tube which view and capture every detail of your inspection with 4 way articulation, each above 120degrees. The insertion tube features a compact (5.5mm dia) detachable design which is completely waterproof(IP67) and contains 6pcs LED lights to provide consistent illumination. The light intensity can be easily controlled to avoid flaring.

The 5inch LCD display with control part with video (AVI) and image (JPEG) capture of your inspections saved directly to an SD memory card. And the rechargeable lithium battery packs provide continuous operation. 

Insertion Tube Specifications

Image Sensor:CMOS Image Sensor, 450,000 pixels

Resolution(Dynamic/Static):720(H)x525(V)(N) / 720(H)x625(V)(P)

Insertion Tube Tip Diameter:5.5 mm

Camera Length:23mm

Insert tube:Tungsten braid/Stainless steel


White Balance:Fixed

Field-of View (FOV):90°,

Articulation:4 way turnaround , Left , Right , Up and Down , each above 120 °

Depth-of-Field (DOF):10 - 150 mm

Light Source:6 White LED

Camera shell:Alloy steel

Length insertion tube:1.5 M Standerd, 5M Max.

Waterproof Standard:IP67








The display & control part

Display:4.3inch 16:9 TFT LCD Monitor 

Video Output Format:NTSC & PAL

Real time clock with photo and video

Recording Medium:SD Card 


USB Connector:Micro USB

Video output:TV Out

Recording media:SDHC Card

Photo:1600X1200 Jpeg

Video:640x480/1280x720 avi

Power Supply:Lithium battery: 3.7V, 3000maH

Adapter:100-240VDC  out put:5V DC

Operating Environment: Insertion tube :0-80°;   Other parts :0-40°


The others parts

charger, connect cable, operating manual