CCTV Fireplace and chimney camera investigation for chimney cleaning FLX-5R


This inspection camera comes with a completely waterproof IR/ LED camera.  Everything the camera sees will then display on the 5 inch crystal clear color monitor. The camera can use to survey the chimney, you will see clearly what’s inside the chimney as it is with 8pcs IR/LED, and find the problem of the chimney.  And this camera also can use in the water for fishing, with a 20 - 40 meter long cable that enables it to reach into deep waters, this product is also suitable for university students, environmental activists to study underwater creatures, landscapes, boat owners to check out their props, or for anyone who enjoys the fun of exploring the underwater world.



   * Portable and easy to use,
    * The IR/LED camera helps you see clearly 
    * 20/30/40 meter cable optional
    * 5 inch crystal clear monitor, motion detection, loop recording

    * Monitor support 2-32GB memory card.

    * Camera with 8 IR /LED leds to work in completed dark conditions



  * IR /LED LED: 8 pcs 0.0Lux good night vision
    * Resolution: 300,000 pixels ,520TVL
    * Image view angle: >= 90 degree 
    * Operating temperature: -10 ¨C 60 degree C 
    * Cable length: 20/30/40m optional
    * Camera Dimension: 18mm x 29mm : 
    * Display: 5 inch HD LCD

    * Display: 5-inch HD screen (800X480pix).

   * Recording: Supports seamless cycle and continuous video .

   * Photo:Supports function of taking pictures .

   * AV IN:TV-IN [NTSC / PAL].

   * AV OUT:[NTSC / PAL].

   * Battery:Built-in 3200mAh high capacity Li-battery, which continuous record over 10 hours.

   * Speaker: Built-in speaker of 1W.

   * Storage: Supports up to 32GB TF card.

   * Language: Supports multi-language.

   * Supports Power-saving Mode: automatic shutdown, automatic off-screen.

   * Automatic upgrade: Supports system automatic upgrade.



Package Contents:

   * the camera 
    * Portable monitor 
    * Charger
    * Charging Adaptor 
    * English Manual

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