Pole Mounted Manhole Zoom Camera FLX-Xplorer HD

Wireless HD Manhole Pole Zoom Camera for Pipeline, Manhole and Tank Inspection FLX-Xplorer HD


1) Portable, wide-angle zoom & tilt camera, single operator

2) Camera zoom: 432:1(36:1 optical, 12:1 digital) zoom

3) Motorizing camera tilt: up 75°; down 75°

4) Adjustable Super Bright LED Illumination

5) Laser distance measuring

6) Waterproof (IP68)

7) 1080P Images (MPEG) and Video (AVI) Recording

8) 6m standard Telescopic Pole

9) 1/4 CCD Camera Sensor

10) 3 pcs Li-ion Batteries, continuous working time:6 hours

11) Detection Distance: up to 80m

12) For the pipes diameter from 150mm to 1500mm(6’’ to 60’’)

Xplorer HD Pole Zoom Camera is a wireless HD inspection camera that with zoom and tilt features.  It is a high definition lightweight, portable video inspection system that can be operated by one person and supports capturing stunning 1080P video & photos.

Equipped with patented LED light technology that provides super illumination regardless of the lighting conditions and a CCD camera sensor, this camera greatly increases the detection distance up to 80m and allows for capturing clear and bright images of very remote objects and areas. Operators can tilt the camera up and down and use powerful 432:1(36:1 optical, 12:1 digital) zoom to examine the area of interest in great detail and capture every little defect or obstruction.

The inspection pole camera can work with any Windows System Laptop, so you do not need any screen from us, and you can just use your own Windows System Laptop as a screen.  We will provide you a software to control the camera head, LED light, distance measurement, video recording etc. The equipment is packed in a portable, rugged storage case. 

This camera can be used in wet conditions, as it is waterproof IP68 and tightly sealed against water intrusion. It comes with 4 standard adjustable super lights, and one 6meters durable telescopic carbon pole.   The camera head is connected to an adjustable mount that you can press against the ground to avoid image fluctuating.  The system runs on a rechargeable battery, allowing for at least 6 hours of uninterrupted inspections at full intensity.


It is a very reliable camera that ideal for a wide range of inspections, such as tanks, sewers, manhole and borehole.


FLX-Xplorer HD


1) For the pipes diameter from 150mm to 1500mm(6’’ to 60’’)

2) Working temperature:-20℃~50℃

3) Four LED lamps and high resolution camera 1920*1080P;

4) Refection type: focus and zoom;

5) Performance: 13000cp output with 6degree, 13 degree beam

6) Mode: PAL;

7) Zoom: 432:1 (36:1 optical, 12:1 digital);

8) Color mode:0.1Lux;

9) Monochrome: 0.002Lux  IR 0Lux;

10) Motorized camera head to control up and down;

11) Wireless transmission;

12) Distance measuring: laser distance measuring, the accuracy:1cm

13) Image sensor: color 1/4’’ CCD

14) Anti-fog: anti-fog lenses

15) Waterproof: IP68

Control Software 

The Software to control the camera head, LED light, distance measurement, video recording etc.

Elescopic pole 

1) Material: carbon fiber(tensile strength is 10 times to common copper, attractive and light)

2) Nested telescopic design, cable interior design, strong fixed joint

3) 1.2m * 5 telescopic pole.

4) Support rod with a spring damping means, the end of the rod is a rubber ball, which can effectively anti-shake, increase the stability of the image (total length 80cm, 10cm/scale)

The Li-ion Battery

1) Replaceable Li-ion battery, 3pcs

2) Working time: 3 hours/pc, total 9 hours







7inch highlight LCD
Support real-time record, 32G SD Card, the Max capacity: 500G
Integration Host, easy operation, support buggy code input
Laser Ranging optional
432:1 zoom, the Max inspection distance up to 120m, the pipe diameter:100 to 2000mm(4’’ to 80’’)
Modular design, can expand the functions through add the corresponding module, such as laser ranging modular, wireless image transmission module, video glasses, assit light source.  
X1A can inspect and assess the pipes quickly, analyze the video, generate a professional inspection report and an intuitive electronic map with the PipeSight video interpretation report softwar