360degree omni-directional rotation wireless borescope endoscope inspection camera FLX-P40

360degree omni-directional rotation wireless borescope endoscope inspection camera FLX-P40


1. The industrial endoscope is for the inspection of aircraft, turbines, welds, engines, motors and pipes; 

2. Mechanical 360 ° omni-directional bending rotation;

3. It supports video record, picture snap and waterproof IP 67;

4. portable and lightweight 

These units feature a insertion tube which view and capture every detail of your inspection with Mechanical 360 ° omni-directional bending rotation. The cinsertion tube features a compact (6mm dia) detachable design which is completely waterproof(IP67) and contains 4pcs LED lights to provide consistent illumination. The light intensity can be easily controlled to avoid flaring.

The 3.5” LCD display with control part with video (AVI) and image (JPEG) capture of your inspections saved directly to an SD memory card. And the rechargeable Li-ion battery packs provide continuous operation. 

The probe

1) The diameter of the probe: Φ6

2) The pixels:450,000 pixels

3) Bending control: Mechanical 360 ° omni-directional bending

4) Angled range:160°

5) View angle: 100°

6) The material of the probe: Titanium

7) Waterproof:IP67

The system

1) Insertion tube: Four double-tungsten alloy wire braided tube

2) Insertion tube: 1 m

3) Illumination:The maximum up to 20000lx, adjustable illumination

4) Dimming:manual adjustment--6 levels

5) White balance:Auto white balance

6) Display: Highlight 3.5-inch display

7) Storage Equipment: 8G standard SD card (max 32G)

8) The minimum bending degree:  ≥150°

9) Video Output Format:NTSC & PAL

10) Recording Medium:SD Card (Capacity up to 32G)

11) Still Image Storage Format:JPEG (640 x 480)

12) Video Recording Storage Format:AVI (320 x 240)

13) Language:English + option (Seven language)

14) interface:USB ports, TV-out video output interfaces

15) working time ≥ 4hours

16) Power supply:Rechargeable Li-ion batteries

17) Voltage:DC5V, the maximum current 1A

Operating environment 

1) Host system operating temperature:-10 ° C ~ 50 ° C, below 0 ° C the LCD screen need Preheating

2) Video probe temperature:-20 ° C ~ 70 ° C, please reduce steering operations when ≤ 0 ° C.

3) Storage Temperature:-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

4) Relative humidity: the Max 90%, non-condensing


1) High sensitivity bionic bending joints, improve the accuracy of the probe when bending and rotating.  
2) 720P HD image sensor, improve the clarity of the image comprehensively, and restore the color of the 
measured objects greatly.  
3) Using the single-touch electric joystick control way, improving the location capability of 
the probe effectively, overcoming major technical difficulties of the non-destructive testing 
such as the difficult of location, the lack of the direction sense